How to bet on horse racing

There’s nothing quite like horse racing: The power of the animals, the last-moment surges, the thrill of the finish. Harness that excitement by betting on live horse racing or video of live races at casinos across the province, and get ready for the ride of your life.

Getting started

In B.C. you have the opportunity to take in the excitement up close by betting on live horse racing at Hastings Racecourse and Casino or Elements Casino Surrey. Or, you watch and bet on big races around the world with the Racebook, which features live video feeds of races in a comfortable environment. Either way, you’re going to want to strap yourself in.

Types of wagers

There are many different kinds of bets you can make on horse races, and they aren’t too hard to learn. Here are some of the most common:

Bet type Description
Win A bet on which horse will finish first.
Place A bet that a horse will finish either first or second. 
Show A bet that a horse will finish first, second or third. 
Exacta A bet where you select two horses to finish first and second, and you need to get the exact order right.
Quinella Similar to an Exacta bet, a Quinella is a bet on two horses to place first and second, but you don’t need to specify the order.
Trifecta An extension of the Exacta bet, in the Trifecta you bet on three horses to place first, second and third, and you must get the order right.
Superfecta Similar to the Trifecta, but you bet on the first four horses to cross the finish line, and the order must be correct. Good luck with this one.
Daily double A bet on which horses will win in two consecutive races. 
Pick 3 A bet on which horses will win in three consecutive races.
Pick 4 A bet on which horses will win in four consecutive races.
Pick 5 You guessed it—it’s a bet on which horses will win in six consecutive races. Maybe not a bet you want to start with as you’re learning the ropes.

Odds of winning and payouts

Betting on horse racing is considered a game of skill, meaning you can improve your chances of winning based on the decisions you make. That typically means knowing something about the horses that are racing, understanding the conditions and course, and having years of experience at the track. If you don’t check those boxes, your results are essentially based on chance, and the many, many variables and influences that are out of your control. 

To understand your odds and payout on a winning bet, look to the odds posted for each horse in a particular race. If a horse is listed at 7-1, it means you would win $7 on a $1 bet.

Schedule of upcoming races

Want to take in a truly unforgettable experience? Check out the schedule of live races and see the horses go full tilt. You can even give betting a try.

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Fraser Downs at Elements Casino Surrey

Check out the schedule of live races at Fraser Downs at Elements Casino Surrey.

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