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Do you love playing slots for special jackpots, or where the prize grows with each spin? Find out everything you need to know about some of our most popular jackpot games including where to play them.


$1 million jackpot* with any bet, any time.

Powerbucks™ offers the largest slot jackpot in B.C. players have ever seen, with a static $1 million jackpot for any player betting $0.75 to $2.99 per spin and a progressive jackpot starting at $1 million for players wagering $3 and up. You could have your shot at the jackpot by playing Powerbucks™ anywhere.

* Wager requirements apply, multiple jurisdictions eligible

B.C. Gold

Win up to $200,000 with any bet

B.C. Gold slot jackpot is a popular favourite across 21 BC Casinos. This traditional slot theme reflects B.C.’s mining heritage and is known for its classic reel symbols and the jovial Miner character. Play B.C. Gold for a chance to win up to $200,000 with any bet, or play for local jackpots, Nickel and Copper.

Provincial jackpots must hit by:

Gold – $200,000

Silver – $1,500

Local area jackpots must hit by:

Nickel – $50

Copper – $20

Race To Win

$10,000 Cash Prize

For a chance to win $10,000, play Race to Win slots at a participating casino near you! One player will win $10,000 cash before the progressive meter reaches the must-hit-by value.

Play Race To Win at these locations

Cash Prizes

Dynamic Dollars

Must be won by $50,000!

Play Dynamic Dollars at any Great Canadian Casino in B.C. for your chance to win up to $50,000 with any bet, or play for the local Gold jackpot (up to $5,000).

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