Bond slots have arrived in B.C.

Bond slots offer a thrilling adventure to your casino experience. Featuring action-packed clips from your favourite movies and multiple ways to win, including a Casino Bonus, wild reels, wheel bonuses and free games.

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Available Bond slot games vary by location

Casino Royale

Featuring clips from the 2006 movie centered around a high-stakes poker game, this sensational game includes features like the Casino Bonus, where players pick cards to unlock reel arrays with enhancements.


The iconic 1964 film is the star of this game that includes action-packed film clips and game features including a Bonus Wild feature, Free Games and a Wheel Bonus.


From sharks and harpoons to grenades this game, based on the 1965 thrilling aquatic action film, adds adventure and Wilds to the reels.


Tomorrow Never Dies

Modeled around the legendary 1997 film, this action-packed game includes a Bonus Wild feature, Free Games and a Wheel Bonus.

Know before you go: slot etiquette tips

Playing multiple machines

Avid players sometimes play multiple machines at once, going back and forth between them. Be sure no one is playing the machine that you choose. Even if nobody is sitting there, it might be occupied. Stick to one machine if the casino is busy. 

Sit at a slot machine

Sit at a slot machine only when playing it. If you aren't playing, give the machine to a playing guest. 

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