A new optional budgeting tool that keeps track of your play so you can focus on the fun!

Learn about the newest Encore Rewards benefit

Available at all casinos and Chances locations in B.C., PlayPlanner gives you the option to set daily limits for your play based on time spent, money spent, or both.

PlayPlanner is available to all Encore Rewards members, and is easy to use, convenient, and optional.

Insert your Encore Rewards card and press the PlayPlanner icon on your favourite slot or eTable to enrol today!

How it works:

  • You can set personalize time and/or money limits to help you plan how much you want to play each day
  • Your time and money settings automatically start the first time you put in your Encore Rewards card each day and apply to each machine you use
  • PlayPlanner will remind you as you get close to your daily limits to encourage you to stay within the daily time and money amounts you intended

See Guest Services or your GameSense Advisor to learn more.

How to enrol

  1. Insert Encore Rewards card into any slot machine
  2. Press 'PlayPlanner' button
  3. Press 'Get Started' button
  4. Enter your Encore Rewards PIN
  5. You can now set: How long you want to play daily or how much money you want to spend daily or both!
  6. Press 'OK' to accept the settings

Viewing your profile

  1. Insert Encore Rewards card into any slot machine
  2. Press 'PlayPlanner' button
  3. Enter Encore Rewards PIN
  4. If limits have been set, you will see the time and/or money amounts you have entered and your actual play.
Encore Rewards card image
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